Monday, January 12, 2009

Warmer Yet and the Playoffs are Coming!

We saw 69 this afternoon on the car dash thermometer!  That is the warmest we have been in about a week, or more.  Last week at this time, it was raining, and in the 50’s so perhaps we have turned a corner toward spring in the desert.

This was another stay at home day, with a total kick back, relaxed mode. 

I did go over to Home Depot in the morning to get some little hardware to install a screen over a muffin fan.  I purchased the screen yesterday at the hamfest, for a dollar.  Two little sacks of tiny bolts and nuts to install the screen was two dollars today.  That was twice what the screen cost.  That’s how things seem to go.

I’m not sure what occupied the early afternoon, but as the day progressed, I went over to the TV room in the unit I clubhouse, and watched the NY Giants loose to the Philadelphia folks.  That was a good game to start with, but the Giants could do nothing right by the end of the game.

So everyone here in the Phoenix area is very excited to have the next playoff game here at the new Cardinal Stadium, West of Glendale.  Tickets will be on sale for out of staters on Tuesday.  That would be fun!  They are pricey though.

Tonight, we have been on the phone, and skype for most of the evening, talking to folks back in Des Moines, and our kids back in KC.  Good to hear from everyone.

Des Moines is slated to get some more snow, and high winds according to one of my ham friends there.  Boy we wish the folks there, the best of luck with that, and will try to pipe some of the desert weather their way real soon.

This has become somewhat of a ramble with nothing new to report, so we will sign off for now.

Retired Rod

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  1. Hi Rod, We just started reading your blog. Nice job! Now we will go back to the beginning and read all of it. Maybe we'll see you out here on the road one of these days.
    Ed & Marilyn (The Happy Wanderers)


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