Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nogales, Mx

We got up today and decided it was a road trip day.  Why not go down and look into Mexico?  We had been to Nogales 26 years ago with my parents, when they were alive.  I didn’t recognize a thing today.

It always seems like you are going to a prison, when you approach one of these boarder crossings.


About half way thru you find a government office building.


You go thru a turn style type gate that only allows going one direction, and then into the bared corridor that comes out on the Mexican side.  This picture is when you are officially welcomed to Mexico.


The first two blocks is the chaotic scene that is all border towns, with folks hawking everything that they can think of.  I didn’t take any pictures of that as I find it unpleasant to say the least.

But after about a block and a half the streets return to an almost normal business type town.  Still there are ten pharmacies in every block, and more doctors and dentists than can be counted.


These folks make their living off of us Gringos that cross the border to pick up some drugs, or dental services or doctor visits on the Cheap!

We wandered around, buying some prescription medicine, and an art item, that we didn’t need.  Everything seemed quite high priced compared to what we had encountered in the town of Nuevo Progresso across the river from South Texas.

We tried to bargain things down, but did not have much luck.  They knew what they had to have and would not go down to the prices we were familiar with from last year.

The business fellows seemed more persistent than before, following us down the street, after we had said no!  Not wanting to take no as an answer.  Loyce was looking for some simple plastic shopping bags that we normally get when we go to Mexico.  They wanted $5 and then came back to 2 for $5.  But no lower.  We bought them last year for a $1 each.  At one point, one of the fellows told Loyce that this was Mexico, not China.

That was it.  She was done.  We went directly back to customs, and crossed into the US.  They ran our passports thru the reader, and we were good to go.

We stopped in a 5 and dime on the US side of the boarder, and the bags were ????  You guessed it, 99 cents.

So much for our Mexico tour.

Retired Rod

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