Saturday, January 17, 2009

Loyce to the Quilt Show!

This was an exciting day for Loyce, as she went to a quilting show in Tucson.  She went with several of the other quilters here in the park.  Together, they joined about 50 women at Zoe’s quilt shop in Chandler, and all took a bus.

She didn’t get home until 7 tonight, and is very bushed.  But she had fun, and has yet another experience in the quilt world in her memories. I can not begin to report all that she learned, so I will not attempt it.

As for my day, I was the stay behind spouse, doggy sitting, and enjoying a sunny and wonderful day.  At noon, I went to the “Country Store”, here in the park.

This is a luncheon that takes place in the Activity Center of the park’s main building.DSCN0671

While quite empty when this picture was taken, every Friday the room is filled with bazaar tables with many crafts and items for sale.  They sell soup and hot dogs at the opposite end of the room, where there is a small kitchen.  Oh and Pop Corn and Ice Cream Sundaes as well.

Today was Chili as the soup, and it was so hot that I burned the roof of my mouth.   But it hit the spot.  They have a roller type hot dog cooker like Quick Trip has in their convenience stores.  So the dogs are browned and in a fresh soft bun.  I stayed out of the pop corn this week, unlike last week.

I did buy a fabric bag for Loyce that she needed to give back to a neighbor lady, that loaned the same bag to her for today.  She will get a new one in return. 

This afternoon, I enjoyed sitting out under the awning, and it was hot enough, that I had to go get my shorts on.  The blue jeans, were way too warm.  I didn’t turn on the AC, but would have if I had stayed inside.

Today we learned that we have another Grand Daughter on they way for next June.  We are ecstatic with the news.  Seems that older sister Claire, knew all along that she was having a sister.  She has been insisting that the new baby was her sister, and has been referring to her as such for some time.  Too funny!

At one point in the afternoon, I noticed that it was 78 here and 24 in KC, that’s 54 degrees difference.  I mention that not to gloat that the weather here is really nice, but to rationalize why we come here during the winter.  Seems that our decision was well founded.

Retired Rod

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