Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moving a Park Model / Organ Stop Pizza

This was the morning that the neighbors park model was moved. All the local men showed up to get in on the act. To the point that the owner was almost not in control of the project anymore.

The guys broke into groups and took on specific jobs. This picture is before the blocks were taken out. The truck wasn’t hooked up yet, but was parked in place ready to go.


Does it really take that many guys to hook up a trailer hitch. The ball wouldn’t latch and had to be jacked into the coupler.


Ok here we go, several of the men were on each support of the carport. They were on dollies to roll forward with the trailer.


It only needed to move four feet, and it was moving as I took this. The rear truck wheel in now out in the street.


The move forward is really evident at the back. That’s our trailer on the right.


The move was complete by 10 AM, but the leveling and hookup of the utilities took the rest of the afternoon. The water is in hard copper, and needed to be lengthened. The sewer was re piped. The cable TV wire was too short, which I corrected since wiring is my specialty. By late afternoon, the household was back ready to live in. They were much relieved that everyone worked to help them get the job done.

I think the point here is that the RV community is much like the old rural farm community, where a neighbor that needs help, gets help, no questions asked. No strings attached.

Supplies came from many different families, and were donated to the project without cost. I had the connectors and wire on board to lengthen the cable for example.

They did have to go buy some copper pipe, but the torch, solder, flux and many other supplies arrived from many tool boxes. They were sorting out what tools belonged where, at the end.

Tonight we went to Organ Stop Pizza here in Mesa. This is a pizza parlor that happens to have the worlds largest Wurlitzer Theatrical Pipe Organ installed in its dining room. Or maybe they let you eat pizza in the organ theater.


I tried to take this picture when they had the lights up, but it is available light and doesn’t show the entire organ, as it is installed all around the room. Some of the pipes and instruments are in the balconies.

The music is so overwhelming to your senses, that it almost makes you emotionally over react. It is beyond your ability to absorb, that this sound is coming from just one performer.


This instrument has 78 ranks, 17 tuned percussions, and innumerable traps and effects. This gal is not one of their headliners, but still she made the organ really shine. We will be back again, even if the pizza isn’t the very greatest. It wasn’t bad, but I like other places better, you know how that goes.

I will have trouble posting all these pictures, so I will stop for now and get this posted.

Retired Rod

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