Sunday, January 11, 2009

WestFest 2009 Glendale, Az

Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club

Thunderbird School of Global Management Activity Center

7:00 AM Saturday January 10, 2009


There must have been more than 300 folks in here at any one time.


Tables of new parts and cables, and accessories.


This was largely light emitting diodes, and products that use them.


These folks had all the Anderson Power Poles products from West Mountain.


There were trays and trays of new connectors.


I could have taken pictures of all the tables and the wares displayed, but then you get the idea without all of that.

The fest did have radios, both new and used, but did not have a mainline radio dealer present to sell brand new equipment.  This surprised me since there is a dealer right here in town.  Even if they couldn’t discount equipment due to the economy, you would thing they would want to promote their store just the same.

So we were up at 5:30 and drove the hour thru the city to attend this show, and stayed for over 2 hours.  After the drive back, I was home to attend the RV park flea market at everyone’s site by 10 AM.

I didn’t buy anything from my fellow RVer’s and only purchased very small items at the hamfest.  Things that would fit into my pocket.  We do not need any more big items that weigh a lot, to haul around.

I say that, but at 4PM we went over to Camping World, and purchased a small plastic table that folds up flat, for Loyce to put her sewing machine on here in the trailer.  It doesn’t weigh very much, and will not take up a lot of space either.

Tonight, we went back to Fuddruckers for another small hamburger.  Not the half pounder, that I am always tempted with.  I do order their sweet potato fries, as they are better for me with the diabetes.  It is always good.

It is now 11:30, and I have been up since 5:30,  so I need to zzzzzzzz…………….

Retired Rod

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