Sunday, January 18, 2009

Checking out the RV parks!

We were sitting here this morning, discussing RV parks and rental versus deeded lot ownership. Wondering which is the best way to have it all. Nirvana, you know, where we would all like to be but can never get there.

I read Froggi and Stu and they are in McAllen, Tx, in a deeded lot park that we visited last year, and liked a lot. Except for the wind, it is quite nice. McAllen is the nicest town on the border, and so on and so forth.

Our builder at our lake place owns one of the lots down there and has quite encouraged us to think about it strongly. But we like it out here too, so I started to look into deeded lots here. We came up with Sunscape RV Resort, down in Casa Grande and looked at some of the units for sale. Look under classifieds on their web page.

So in a flash, we decided to go to the town of Casa Grande again. Armed with the GPS to find the place, we set off on another adventure. About an hour later, we found the place.

We left interstate 10 and headed East out into the country/desert, for about 6 or 7 miles and turned down a lane that led into some homes. After passing thru the homes, and back into the rural farm area, we came to the park at the end of a dead end road.

It looked to be a bit rustic from outside the walls, but we blasted past the gate, without checking into the office. Being Saturday afternoon and all we assumed that there would be no one around to care. And we were right.

This place was more than rustic, with some properties being quite nice, and the next being almost abandoned. Everyone is responsible to landscape their own lot, and every form of ground cover was present. Often not coming even close to matching the neighbors. We now know what happens without any guidelines or many rules. Casitas ranged from hand built metal sheds, to almost small homes, with everything but a bed. We did see one construction project for an extended Arizona room, that must have been many thousands.

There were some opportunities to purchase lots and park models at reasonable prices, but the overall image of the place was not to be overcome. Many way too old trailers from bygone eras. Made the place seem something less than property to be proud of. We finally just left, without looking further. I never thought to get the camera out. Maybe disappointment is the word I am looking for.

From there, we went over to the Escapee’s park on the West side of town. I didn’t have too high of hopes for this place, from reading the blogs. And again, it was quite old. Nothing like the park down in Benson, Az. We drove thru looking for the nice part. There wasn’t any nice part. Kind of like a parking lot with junky casitas in the back.

So we were two for two on places we didn’t want to stay. But if you don’t go exploring, how will you know?

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod,
    If you are looking for a park in Casa Grande, check out Val Vista Resort. We stayed there last winter, and in fact are on our way there now for the remainder of this winter. We loved it. Not too big, great people. Well kept park with nice/ample activities.
    Al Viscardi

  2. Al we were looking at the deeded lot aspect, to own your own lot and build a casita. Most of these parks want 4K a year to rent the place into forever! Val Vista here in Phoenix doesn't do the deeded lot deal. I don't know about Casa Grande.


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