Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another gorgeous day

It was nice here in the afternoon, as I saw 61 on the car dash thermometer by late afternoon.  We had the windows open and the screen door hooked back to get the fresh air.  Then the sun went down.  Wham, cold air! Right now!

Its about 50 now, and felt brisk as I rode my bike over to the shower house to clean up before bed.  The trip back when you are still very damp was Coooool, but invigorating. 

That reminds me of going to grandma’s in the winter, and the path through the snow to the back house.  On a below zero, clear, full moon night.  The trip back to the house couldn’t happen fast enough.  But perhaps you had indoor facilities and never experienced such things.

Today was a normal day here in the park.  We were only 41 last night, and that doesn’t tax the electric heat enough that we need gas supplemental.  So sleep was easy.

We warmed to long sleeved T shirt temps by 11 and a bunch of us men were over at the neighbors, telling him how to rework things for his move.  Or telling stories to anyone that would listen.  He progresses in spite of all the knowledge provided.

Loyce and I went for a What a Burger by mid afternoon, and shopped some at Wal Mart.  I went to a different store today as the store to the North of us has been missing the Sam’s Club pop, that I like for several days now.

Tonight, we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for a small steak.  Is there a theme here?  Peanuts in the shell, rib eye, sweet potato, fresh rolls, and butter.  Man o man. 

That’s the one thing about being here in Phoenix metro, there is every chain restaurant that exists, within only a few miles.  Could be hard on my waist line.

Retired and Fatter Rod

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