Friday, January 23, 2009

A quilt started, and 3G

Some days I don’t have anything to write about because we didn’t go anywhere or do anything all day. That would be today. After our 400 mile trek yesterday, we both hung out today not even suggesting going anywhere or doing anything.

The day of recovery was calm and welcome. Loyce worked on her donation quilt for most of the day. The quilt group makes quilts for the local charities here in Mesa, and they ask that each gal make one during their stay here in the winter. The fabric is donated, and then you donate the time.

Seems that the batting for the interior of the quilt may be something we will have to buy. So today the squares were all cut out and then laid out on the floor in the pattern they will be assembled. Tonight she was sewing the panels into rows.

Now for myself, I had to go out on the internet and check into the various utilities that service our houses, and see how much we owe them. This doesn’t seem too hard, except that our Tengo Internet connection was noticeably slow to non existent today. I worked and worked to get connected to the necessary web sites. Send in the passwords, and then have the connection time out before I could go farther.

This went on for hours. Then when I checked into the financial institution, to actually pay some of these, the password requirements would log us out every time.

By about 3 PM, I had had enough, and called the 3G Store out of frustration, ordering a new USB 3G card and a wireless router, that will change the card into wifi for the camper. The card costs $50 with activation of $35 more, and $60 a month for 2 years. You send in for a $50 rebate, that makes the card free with activation. The router and additional outside antenna and shipping to a Fed Ex service center, came to $260 or so. This is not a cheap solution, but will be usable at the Lake place as well as when we are on the road.

I have been arguing with myself whether to do this for months, and now the deed is done. My problem has been the 5Gb monthly limit. We will see how near to that we come. But by the time you figure out that that is a problem, you are beyond the 30 day trial period. Nice hey!

Retired Rod

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  1. You'll enjoy your new air card. I have yet to use even half of my allotted 5GB and I think I spend more time than most wandering around the net.


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