Friday, January 2, 2009

Football Junkie!

A football rocking chair potato.  That’s my MO for today!  I’m on my fourth game as I start this blog.  And I haven’t watched too much football all year, but started with the Hawkeye game this morning at 9 AM.

Since I am a graduate of the University of Iowa, I watched that one with more than passive interest.  We won big!  South Carolina was not on their best game for the last half of their season.  So had we lost, it would have been a really bad thing.

I did bolt for a quick shopping trip during the first half of the Rose Bowl, since Penn State looked so outmatched by USC.  I went to Target first looking for a portable table to use outside, and then I stopped at Home Depot.  I kind of just walked around in that store for exercise.  When you are in a RV, you do not have much need for stuff in the Home Depot.  They do not have any of the repair items that go in the mobile style home.

Once back home, I got caught back up in the football, and here I am.  Day passed with college ball.

I haven’t even read the normal blogs that I usually visit daily.  Maybe tomorrow will get back to normal, what ever that might be.

Retired Rod

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