Saturday, January 24, 2009

Country Store / Friends Arrive

Its amazing, these places are so quick to ship a product to you.  The 3 G store, is somewhere around Chicago, and the router and access card I ordered, were shipped late last night.  The box arrived in California this morning. Fed Ex.

Since I only asked for three day expedited shipping, I think it will be ground from California over here to Phoenix.  But we have a tracking number, and the internet invoice.  The shipping process stops for the weekend, so if I am lucky, it will be here by Tuesday.

I  am cautious, not to get my hopes up too much, but since most all of the blog folks that I read, use Verizon, it should be a good product.  At least they all use theirs out in the desert, and all we need for it to do, is work mostly in town.  Time will tell.

Today was the activities around the park day, as Loyce did some laundry in the morning, interspersed with trips to the quilters activity room.  At noon, we had the “County Store”  which is the Bazaar in the Activity Center. The luncheon today was Corn Chowder Soup, with the Hot Dogs, Ice Cream and Pop Corn.

Not diet kind of food to be sure. 

Late in the day, we had friends from Iowa arrive in town, and assisted while they got situated with housing. 

Tonight we went over to Garcia’s Mexican restaurant, a chain, but it started here in Scottsdale.  The restaurant here in Mesa is a dead ringer of the original, and is quite good.  Too much food, for late at night, but dang that was good!

I say late at night, but that is tongue in cheek, as it was just after 5 PM when we went out, and we were done by 6:30.  The restaurant was crowded with senior grey hair folks, but seemed to thin out about 6.  But as we were leaving, the second round of much younger folks were standing in the lobby waiting for us oldsters to clear on out a there.  A retirement community at its best.

So tonight, we are reading the internet and talking on Skype,  it is working for the most part, but boy can it be slow with 1200 families signed up to use it all at once.  It will take 10 times or more to post this, as it will error out the first 9.  So I had better get after it.

Retired Rod

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