Friday, January 30, 2009

Down Time.

Loyce spent the day doing laundry, and I stayed back at the trailer making my cowboy bean chili.  The chili is just a matter of dumping several kinds of beans and rotel tomatoes into a pound of browned ground beef.  Oh and a bunch of barbeque sauce to add more flavor.

I like this concoction, and so do my sons, but Loyce eats it sparingly, since she doesn’t like the sugar in the sauce.  I used sugar free sauce today, so as not to aggravate the diabetes, or Loyce too much.

In mid afternoon, we decided to make the obligatory Wal Mart run.  We needed bread and paper plates.  And liquid laundry soap since she had washed everything in the trailer this morning.

Once back home, I got caught up in the Fox News reporting, on the Rod Blogo trial in Illinois.  The news folks were having a hey day.  Sad, that we need to impeach one of our state governors.  Next the feds go after him, and if they are successful he will do time in jail.  Like the three former Illinois governors have???  Can that be right?

Tonight we went over to Target looking for a small vacuum, but ended up with a shark sweeper gizmo that will sweep the carpets and the bare floor.  Has to charge before we can use it much, so the decision is still out on whether this is a good purchase.  I ran it a bit before the batteries died, and it seemed to get a bunch of dog hair right off the bat, so it should be a good thing.

A boring day, but a relaxing day for sure.

Retired Rod

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