Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Less Palm Tree

I heard chain saws buzz, buzz, and wondered what the hey! So I stepped out just in time to see the palm tree in front of the park model behind us fall to the asphalt. Whap!!!

Walking back to their trailer, I see that all the skirting has been removed, and the tongue has been bolted back onto the front of the frame. “Are you moving”, I inquired from the fellow from Northeast Iowa?

Yah we are moving about 4 feet. We are too far back on the lot, right against your lot line, and have been told we must move in order to transfer the ownership from my mother-in-law. She is too elderly to come back to Arizona.

Seems the fire Marshal doesn’t like the trailers so close together. There is only about 4 feet between ours and his. Not that when there is 8 feet it will be any better, if we get these things on fire. But that is the rules as they are now.

This park model is at least 20 years old, and was placed as far back on the lot as possible to provide space in the front. Now, the setback in front is controlled to a specified uniform amount and the back can not be closer than the 4 feet. So the tree in front of the rig is in the way of the move forward.

DSCN0733 DSCN0734

DSCN0735 DSCN0738

What tree? The stump of a palm tree is not rooted near as deeply as a tree up North, and the gravel was raked back level in no time.

He plans to put the axles on some boards, and just skid the trailer forward with his pickup. But first the sewer and water need to be disconnected, and the concrete blocks need to come out from under the frame. This all requires a permit from the city. What? In a RV trailer park? Yes because it is a park model and is taxed, it needs a permit to be moved. Even if only 4 feet. Go figure.

I spent this afternoon in the local Doctors office, trying to get a prescription for some antibiotics. I have contracted a sinus infection, that has caused pain in my ears and face. It has also caused my teeth to feel like they had problems as well. But we eliminated the teeth thing yesterday, so now we work on the sinuses.

Spent several hours waiting to be seen, in a room full of people that were much sicker than I. Hope that I didn’t pick up any new germs to go with the ones I already have.

Again it was mid 60’s and sunny here all day and tonight it is to get down to the 39 area again. Seems to be the norm for January in Phoenix. As long as the sunny part holds out, I think it is quite acceptable.

Retired Rod

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