Friday, January 9, 2009

Off to Phoenix and Scottsdale

I was reading the internet for ham radio clubs here in the Mesa area, and discovered there will be a big, inside hamfest this weekend.  And like all ham activities, it will begin at 7 AM on Saturday.

The doors will open for setup at 5:30.  One really needs to be an optimist to arrive at a radio show to setup at 5:30.  And I am not that optimistic.  So today I thought I would make a dry run to the location, so as not to get lost when the big day arrives.

So Loyce and I headed out to try and find this location in the far Northwest part of Phoenix.  I studied the map on the internet and left the GPS in the trunk.  Need to learn this town without turn by turn instructions.

Also in this area, is a Ham Radio Outlet store.  I told Loyce we were going to a quilt shop for dad.  So I got to go to a retail radio store, and we found the activity center that will house the hamfest.  I just browsed the radio store, as toys in there are really high priced.

On the way back we drove around Scottsdale, where we had gone during one of the annual retreats, that my former employer sponsored every winter.  The Hotel was a Double Tree now, but we think it was a Sheraton back then.

We drove all over the place re familiarizing ourselves with the area.  Too much money in one place.  Seems like a former life that we have broken free from.

So things got back to normal, as we returned to Mesa and went to Jo Ann’s and Harbor Freight.  LOL!

I intended to take the little camera to get a shot or two, but somehow forgot to pick it up.  I’m sure we will be back over there again.

Retired Rod

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  1. Lots of SNOW Rod see what you are missing, Looks like a nice little fest I wist I were there need something to do. Lowell


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