Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slow day but Hamfest Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big Hamfest on Saturday over in North Phoenix. This is the only indoor hamfest in Arizona as the hand bill explains. So it has to be a big deal! LOL

Since I attend the Dayton Hamfest in May of every year and have for 10 or more years, I know what the biggest hamfest in the world looks like, so everything is based from there. So we will see what big really is. But it startes at 7 AM and it is 11 at night now. Sooo I had better make this a short entry and hit the hay.

We lounged around the campground today again and didn’t go anywhere important. The luncheon in the activities room on Friday was today, and I had 2 jumbo Hot Dogs and a box of popcorn. Loyce said some nutritious lunch. She had her usual salad.

This evening we went out for Pizza, but couldn’t decide where to go so we ended up at a CiCi’s Pizza that was a buffet and it was just sort of blah. Ok but won’t be back any time soon.

Later after dark, we drove over to Tempe and drove thru the downtown campus town of Arizona State University. The trees in the old part of town were lit with colored lights, we think still from Christmas, but there were a lot of white lights that my be more permanent. It was quite striking, and the town was alive with the students.

They were all up and down the streets and in and out of the businesses. There was the guy on the corner preaching the gospel at the top of his lungs, and the next block had loud speakers of the gals inside of hooters singing. Diversity!

So after that drive, we are back here at the RV hanging out getting ready to go to the hamfest tomorrow. I’ll report on that once I see what it is like.

Retired Rod

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