Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oil Change / Spice it Up!

When you drive all over the US attending Christmas and the like, you spend your oil change fairly rapidly.  Like cash in the bank, you start with 3,000 miles of fresh usage and it backs off from there. 

Ours has backed off into the negative, like 3,600 or so since we got it changed, so it was not optional to get it done.  I decided that I needed a different Wal Mart, to do the work, since our oil change fiasco from the last time.

I picked the store up on McKellips and went right for it.  The folks must have thought I was an old crank, as I stood right by the fence and watched the work progress, but tonight, I know for sure the oil plug was put in and tightened.  The old filter was tossed away, and new oil was poured from bottles.

In the afternoon, we went out to a new quilting store that my wife did not know about.  I had stopped by the quilters activity room and the gals suggested Mulqueens that was just West of the front entrance to our park. 

It was a full service shop with several long arm machines, both for sale and where the shop quilts as a service for their customers.  They had Christmas bolts on sale for 50% off, and that was the hot item of the day as all the customers were in a frenzy.

From there we went to Ellie’s spice shop Penzey’s from her blog Just Travelin from a couple of days ago.  I looked, and we had one over in Scottsdale, so we went over to see what we liked.  Nice place, but it isn’t a franchise.  Stores are all company owned.  No opportunity there, but we got some good spices just the same.

From there we went to Camping world, and bought a small fold up table that goes between the lawn chairs.  You know, to hold your soda, but it is tall enough to eat on too.  Pick it up in the middle and it folds flat in one stroke.

The rest of the evening was sitting around and watching tube.  And me on the internet catching up on blogs.  Not tough duty, but then we are retired.

Retired Rod

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