Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner Theater!

I have gone to some great things by going along when folks suggest something that I know totally nothing about.

One of the gals that is in the quilting group, is in a trailer behind us here at the park. They get together as “the B street group” for happy hour at 4 in the afternoon. Usually at one of the patios over on B street. We live on A street, and have not been pushy to bust our way into this group. They have been together for several years, with folks coming and going from the group. An ongoing block party that resumes every winter.

They planned to get together and go to see the Arizona Opry, a dinner theater over in Apache Junction. Since Loyce had gone to the quilting show with Wanda, we got invited to go along with the B streeters to the show. It seemed a little pricey at $28 a head but included a roast beef dinner, so hey we’re in.

What a surprise! This show was great! The show is owned and operated by the Barleen twins Brenda and Barbara, along with Barbara’s husband George Staerkel. Another brother Ben Barleen is also an owner, but doesn’t perform.

George Staerkel was the lead singer from the band “The Tokens” that sang the song “The Lion Sleepes Tonight” You know the lyrics, “In the jungle the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.” the chorus goes “I wing ma way, I wing ma way.”

George has a five octave voice that goes quite high, and he did Frankie Valli’s Sherry Baby hitting every note like the original. WOW! The show is a bargain at $28 and would cost much more if it was in a fancier setting. It is in a smaller one story dinner theater on the outskirts of town, and is unassuming.

There were 8 couples in four cars, with most of the people from North Dakota, and Iowa. Well hey by golly, we were from Iowa too, before we moved to Kansas. We had a good evening and were glad to be included.

George was the show’s main attraction, and plays more than 30 instruments, at one point playing 18 different horns and keyboards in one set of songs.

They had every type of music represented, as another of the musicians did and Elvis rendition, and at another point they came out as Waylon and Willie, and did Luckenbach, Texas.

Tonight was much fun with another great group of RV friends, that we only met in the last three weeks. But then that’s how this RV thing works. And we are blessed to be a part of it.

Retired Rod

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