Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carport remodel / Nap

Today I spent the morning, and part of the afternoon helping my neighbor from Decorah, Iowa on his park model. Today the project was to cut off 18 inches of the car port.

The problem in this is that the supports are at the outside edge where the 18 inches needed to be removed. He had built a support from wood studs and some furniture moving dollies. When we moved the trailer, the dollies rolled on their wheels forward with the trailer.

But today the support frame needed to be removed and the roof sawed off and the support re installed. Since the frame is about 30 feet long, it took many hands to hold everything up while the cutting and re attaching took place.

While not too glamorous, my job was to be one of the holders of the uprights during the 4 or so hours that it took to get the job done. We had great comradery, and the time passed quickly.

With the project back to a point where two guys could complete the rest of the work, I quietly slipped away and returned to my trailer.

After a shower, and lunch, I started to do the internet thing. Loyce left to go on one of her all day shopping trips, so I stayed home. I hadn’t slept too well from the night before, with the dentist pain, so a nap was high on the agenda.

That became the rest of the day, as tonight we have made supper and stayed home to have the quiet evening.

Of course now it is the middle of the night, and I am not sleepy at all. Tomorrow we will get out of here for sure.

Retired Rod

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