Sunday, February 14, 2010

All over town.


Literally, we were all over town today.  Mostly in Mesa and Tempe, but we did duck over into Phoenix for a few moments.

We started in the downtown of Mesa, where we parked along the street and wandered street vendors.  They claimed they had a farmers market, but there were only about three stalls that had anything to do with farm produce.

I ended up in a bookstore, and found an old book on Ham Radio.  It was way out of date, but historical.  I was surprised that he rang it up at $9 when it was only worth $4 brand new back in 1972.  Not wanting to make a disturbance, I had a quick decision to make.  I bought it anyway.

IMG00121-20100213-1432 IMG00123-20100213-1454

Next we went to Gilbert, and went to Joe’s Bar B Que.  We had been there back in January, and it was fun to go back with our friends.  The Pulled Pork was just as good as before.

IMG00124-20100213-1455 IMG00125-20100213-1455

From there we headed over into Phoenix and went to Fry”s Electronics just to show Larry the immense store.


From there, we came back to a fabric store in central Mesa, Sally’s Fabrics.  The gals had fun looking in there.

And finally we went to several nurseries, where the new plants are beginning to be featured for Spring planting.  We saw baby tomatoes, and peppers, and beans.  Also all the landscaping plants are featured in full force, as it is time to begin renewing the stuff that is burned up from last year.

IMG00127-20100213-1456 IMG00122-20100213-1433

These pictures were all taken at the first garden store, and were with my poor quality cell phone.  I tried to fix some of the pictures, but alas you can only do so much to bad photos.

They had an antique shop in among the flowers, and the prices were over the moon.  For the most part, it is just old dirty stuff.  But perhaps, I don’t understand the value of these things when they are positioned with the flowers.

The rusty old bed frame that was out in the rain, was marked down from $1,200 to $800.  Kind of makes a new meaning of flower bed!

Retired Rod

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  1. I think I would have opted to spend an entire day at Fry's Electronics. Love that store!


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