Friday, February 12, 2010

A day of organizing and Friends for Dinner

The sun came out today!  It was the first time we had seen it in two days.  Now I know that folks in the Midwest have gone weeks without the sun, but that isn't common down here.  It did make it up to  about 60 in the middle of the afternoon, and I was out on the motor scooter.

At 60 it still requires your jacket to be jipped up under your chin.  But I don't let that stop me much, as I keep thinking that my friends back home haven't rode their bikes in months.

We didn't do much here but begin to clean up and packup for our departure next Monday.  Since we have been here for three months, everything we own is in the wrong place for travel.  Today was a reorganize day!

In late afternoon, our friends Larry and Jean arrived from Iowa, and we went to Fuddrucker's for Sweet Potato fries.  They are always a nice treat!  And of course since we haven't seen our friends for several months, the conversation was lively!  We talk on the radio and the skype, and the phone when all else fails, but that's not like being together over dinner!

It is to be sunny and temperatures are to improve over the next several days into the upper 70's.  I can't wait!

And........The supper last night was fresh stewed chicken noodle soup, with big cut carrots and celery.  She had chopped and cooked the onion and boiled the frozen noodles that are made back in Iowa.  Reames frozen egg noodles.  They are just short of the ones made by my mother from scratch.  Back then they were rolled out on the counter and left to dry all day.  I think that is a skill that has been lost over the years.  At least we have never made them.  It was good, and there are lots of left overs.

Are you hungry yet?

Retired Rod

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  1. It has rained here the past 2 days also... And I sure know what you mean about having our stuff all spread out... After 6 months in Arkansas it took a long time for me to get everything organized once more for travel. Have a GREAT day & travel safe!


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