Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sands RV Resort

I grabbed the camera and shot some photos of our space here at the Sands RV Resort.  We are shoe horned into the space between the hedges that separate the lots.  Most folks don't have a car, trailer and a motorscooter.

Froggy is out front guarding the rig!  He has had a number of comments from folks passing by.  They all like him, but the men usually want to know about the scooter.

There are mountains in every direction, but the ones to the South and West are the biggest ones with the snow packed tops.

We had a knock at the door, and it was Rick out on his morning walk with the dogs.  Riley and Molly, which are cute as heck, but he caught me as I was cleaning up and I didn't have the camera ready.  We talked for a moment, and I told him I would come over to his place.

The mountain to the West is the most spectacular.

I got over to his place, and realized why I thought he wasn't home.  Since there are folks from British Columbia in every other site here in the park,  I had the wrong trailer.  I looked at the number in his blog, and then headed out with the scooter and found him.  But I forgot the camera.  Drat.

We solved a bunch of the world problems, and discussed all of you who write blogs that we all read, LOL.  Did you feel your ears burn?  We spent a while, until it was time to check back in with our better halves.  It was a good time, and we will have to do it again.

Rick's blog highlighted the tram, that goes up the South, San Jacinto mountain.  Loyce and I  drove by the lift as we were out and about this afternoon.  I snapped this into the sun, and the little camera was overwhelmed.  But no wonder Paulette said No Way!

Cables and five towers connect this from the bottom to the top.  If  you haven't read Ricks Story on this go see his blog HERE

We spent the afternoon just driving around some more remembering the places we have been in our previous trips.  Downtown Palm Springs in a big tourist area, with tons of shops and restaurants.

Then we drove to the main street in Palm Desert, El Paseo.  This is a Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills) type of shopping area, where the Porche and Mercedes cars are normal, with a few Bentleys mixed in with the Jaguars.  We had purchased a statue of our dog back ten years ago on this street.  Now with her passing, the statue is all that remains and the memory of having it shipped back to Iowa, as it weighed way more than we could load on an airplane.  Even back then!

Then we drove to the South of Indian Wells, and found a shoe store.  A NORMAL shoe store, Famous Footwear.  Loyce got a pair of sandals, and in a very unpredictable move, I went in to use the bathroom, and ended up finding a new pair of heavy Lugz boots that I can use riding the scooter.

I have a bad habit of riding in some Teva enclosed sandals, and that is taking more chances than I really should.  So I spent more than Loyce.  Its rare but once in a while!

It was 82 again today, and we alternated with the A/C in the car and all the windows down enjoying the summer weather.  Life is good in Palm Springs.

Retired Rod


  1. Now you will have hundreds of reader/bloggers wondering if you were talking about us!

    Glad you got the boots, as it just sounds more safe than Tevas.

  2. Yep, my ears was a burnin alright!!

  3. If you didn't have all the extraneous 'stuff' the site would be fairly large, I think.

    Looks like lovely weather, would you consider staying in CA for the winter instead of AZ?


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