Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goofy weather.

 What happened to the beautiful weather?  It went somewhere out the window during the night last night.  The wind came up and began to shake the slide out awnings.  Maybe shudder the entire MH would be a better description.

We had rapidly become used to the 85 degree weather, and using the A/C in the car and coach.  But that is all gone now.  The actual cold weather and rain is on the other side of the mountain that we went over yesterday.  Still it is not all that cold, as we started in the 50's and warmed into the 60's but the wind makes it seem a lot cooler.

Now I know that it is cold and snowy back in the Midwest and the East, but we are really a bunch of sissies after spending the winter in the relative warm.  But we were making the transition into almost summer and then just like that it was gone again.

Tomorrow is to be rainy and barely 60 degrees.  The TV weather person described it as a burrrr!  Of course most of us from up North almost laugh.

We almost did nothing today but about noon, we decided to go out and find a quilt shop to keep Loyce in the groove of shopping for more stuff to fill yet another tub in the utility trailer.  While she was hard at this work, I took a power nap in the parking lot.

The shop was in the South end of Palm Desert, and we then went to La Quinta to an older Wal Mart.  After a few grocery items, we looked for a couple of scooter shops, but they turned out to no longer be in business.

The wind was kicking up desert sand and dust all afternoon, causing a sand storm like loss of visibility, and the cloudy haze was coming over the mountains.  It was weird weather for a Midwesterner.

The Olympics has kept us busy tonight.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, but perhaps the wind will let off a little.  We can't let that slow us though, as we only have a few more days here and then we have to move on.

Retired Rod

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