Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday morning blabber!

The wind continues to blow and blow here in Desert Hot Springs.  It roars in from the West thru the pass between the mountains over the town of Banning.  And of course that is where there are thousands of wind generators, so this must be quite a common occurrence.

We hunkered down yesterday and watched the TV, as we had the new direct TV box.  This gave us additional channels of coverage beyond the off air antenna that we have been enjoying.  Half of the off air in this area, are non English channels.  Several of which are Chinese!

Since we have more than one TV, we were tuned into more than one event at a time.  Ya we are spoiled.

Oh and then I have to feel sort of sorry, or perhaps just gloat about the USA Hockey team's success over our beloved Canada team.  Now I know that they are all NHL players, and in some cases team mates with a red or blue jersey, but Canada losing to the USA in Hockey??????  That shouldn't happen, should it???

Today we are to head out with Rick and Paulette for a distant Quilt store, one that Paulette says is the very best store for miles.  Of course, I am not equipped to make any judgment in this area of expertise.

Have a good day!

Retired Rod

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  1. USA beat Canada in 'Under 18' tournament in Canada this year.
    USA beat Canada in 'World Juniors' tournament in Canada this year
    USA now beats Canada in Olympics tournament in Canads this year...

    It's a good year for hockey development in USA. That is a good thing for the overall health of the sport in North America... so not all bad from our standpoint.


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