Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cool day and sprinkles!

It was overcast and cooler this morning, as we were forecast to have rain.  It reached the low 60's by the early part of the afternoon, but I was out walking around the park checking out what all the other guys were doing when the front went thru.

It was quite black over to our West, and you could see the rain coming out of the clouds.  We had some scant sprinkles, but the temps ducked back into the 50's.  I scurried back home thinking it might rain for real.  After changing clothes, I decided that I needed a $2.99 Wendy meal. 

Since Loyce had taken the car, I had to uncover the scooter for the run to the fast food joint.  Its still looked like rain, but what the heck?  50 is really cool at 45 miles an hour!  I had the cycle jacket on, or I would have wimped out, but the burger was good.

That turned out to be the only time I left the park all day.  The sun never did come back, and the cover went back on when I got back.  The book and the computer received heavy use for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight we are hanging out watching tv and Loyce is cooking something that is new.  I haven't been brave enough to inquire what it is.......

Retired Rod


  1. "I haven't been brave enough to inquire what it is......."

    I think you might be in for a big bowl of Quilter soup:))

  2. We'll be looking forward to a full report on your dinner - I'm sure it was great!


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