Monday, February 1, 2010

Lake Havasu

I'm not sure that I can write a blog after such a good post from Mr. Froggy.  He is very thankful for all the kind thoughts that you folks put on the comments page.

Today we got all packed up and headed out to drive back to Quartzite and then up to Lake Havasu.  As we were heading into Phoenix, we were escorted off of the 202 freeway and forced to go South on the 101.  The road was completely blocked off.

We headed West on the 60 Superstition Freeway.  Then we headed West on I 10.  That lasted for about 5 miles, until we saw signs that said there was a bad wreck on the I 10.  We came to a complete stop, and after about a half hour, we were forced to go North on I 17.  That goes to Flagstaff.  Not where we wanted to go!

The traffic was swamping all the exits deciding to drive on the surface streets.  We kept heading North.  Finally we got off on Thunderbird Ave, and headed West on the city street.  It goes 45 mph, but you stop almost every half mile.  It took forever, until we made it back to the West side of the 101 loop.

Once headed back South, we passed the new stadium where the Cardinals play, and eventually got back to I 10 about 4 miles West of where we had left it.  The detour had taken over and hour.

It was after 2PM when we got to Q, and we headed for McDonalds.  There are only about 2 fast food stands in Q.  It was after 4 when we got here in Havasu.

We are staying in an older hotel out on the island beyond the London Bridge.  We drove thru the RV parks here on the island, but were not overly impressed.  The nicest park wants almost $500 a week, and the sites are quite narrow, and gravel.

The second park, is a sandy beach with water and electric.  It is priced at $250 a week.  Sewer is not available in most of the sites, and the park is full this week.  Oh my.

We gave up and went to Red Robin, for the endless fries.  Loyce was good and had Chicken salad,  but I was stuffed with burgers all day!  Travel days are like that.

Retired Rod

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  1. When we were in Lake Havasu, we stayed at the Havasu Falls RV Resort and really enjoyed our 2 week stay there. It's on the hwy. a few miles north of the London Bridge. It's a nice, new, clean park and everyone there is very friendly. They have wide, level cement pads on all the sites too.


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