Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Sun City for another RV Park Looksee!

We have been looking at all the RV parks here in the Mesa area, and today, we drove up to the Sun City area as well.  It is quite a jaunt to the Sun City side of town.

You have to drive back into the area of central downtown where the interstates cross.  This is just North of the downtown, tall buildings area.  The traffic there is somewhat over the top.  But on I 10 you go thru a tunnel in order to get to the West side of downtown.

This time the traffic accident was North on I 17, that goes toward Flagstaff.  That made the decision easy, we will go West to the West side of the 101 Loop.

As an aside, when we were diverted last Sunday as we were headed to Quartzsite, a lady was killed on I 10 when her car stalled and she was stuck from behind with a big truck.  The crash crushed her doors so they couldn't be opened, and she was burned to death from the fire that started during the crash.  We were glad that we were diverted away from that scene.  Needless to say we are now quite careful as we drive downtown.

We headed today back North passed the University of Phoenix stadium (Cardinals football)  and got off on Grand Avenue headed for Surprise.  What a weird name for a town.  The Geosat GPS had us going a bit, as we turned off a little late, and had to back track.

The RV park is called Sunflower RV, and is another park that was purchased by Cal-Am parks.  Seems that many of the parks have been purchased by this company.  We don't know if that is bad or good, but it appears that there is no connect between the properties.

This was a nice park, and is laid out much the same as all the others, with many of the same features.  It would be all right if you had some reason to be in the Northwest end of this city.  We feel that it is too far from many of the other attractions in town.  Of course Sun City, and Sun City West are all organized around golf courses.  If your life is mostly golf, there would be no other attractions that would trump that activity.

With my diabetes, it is not easy for me to play golf, and the many drugs that are required preclude long exposures to the sun.  So with golf out of the question, that doesn't make the area attractive to us.

At least we went and looked, and if the park had been a complete brand new knock out place, it might have been worth moving up there next year.  But alas it was not any better than most of the parks here.

It took hours to drive back here to the rig, once we decided to leave the area.  I didn't go back downtown, but rather opted to drive around the city on the North part of the 101 Loop.  This was quite a ways farther, but we were in the HOV lane since there were two of us.  We flew by all the folks commuting with only one person in their vehicles.

Our research is likely for next year now, since we have reservations over in California.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad we don't got none of that there traffic stuff out here in the desert south of Quartzsite. A few birds, an occasional roadrunner, & yesterday I saw a whole herd of nothing go by:))

  2. The traffic is enough to keep me away from Sun City!

  3. Wow be careful and drive safe...

  4. Seeing a bad traffic accident like that sure isn't what I want to see either. It always makes me just a bit more careful for a while. Have a safe trip over.


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