Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hanging out as the wind dies down.

Loyce and Paulette headed out on the garage sale and thrift shop run today spending all morning and half of the afternoon out and about.  They claim to have found bargains and things that we can't live without, but as a dis interested party I remain skeptical.   They did have a good time, and that is the most important part.

I was left at home, and  spent the day using the computer, and enjoying a nice day.  The wind is finally gone, and that remains critical to this area, because the wind causes almost everything to stop.  Also it makes everything seem so much colder.  Even though it is really nice here, it is still winter.

After lunch, I went out with the car to Wal Mart and Lowes.  Our water hose connection had developed a drippy leak that a new gasket wouldn't repair.  It dripped in Mesa Spirit, and the water mostly evaporated, but here in California, it is more humid and the water makes a small pond, so it had to be fixed.

I cut off the end of the hose and replaced the female end.  It must have had a crack in it, but I couldn't see the problem.  But it is no longer a problem since I tossed it away.  A simple enough thing, but it takes time to correct.  It is a little over 10 miles from here to the closest Wal Mart.

Of course tonight the Olympic Games again caught us and held us captive.  The skating has Loyce glued to the TV.  I'm sure that will continue for the rest of the time it is on.

We have made reservations at Santee Lakes, in Santee, Ca. (San Diego) starting Thursday night.  So Thursday will be another travel day.  Tomorrow I will need to pack up the trailer again and get ready to roll.  It's been a week since we came here, and we have been busy most of the time.  Perhaps we need to schedule a longer stay next year.

A really slow day, but that is how us retired guys like it!

Retired Rod

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