Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Plans

Now what?  No football, and I can't get into spring training of baseball.  We are here in Phoenix, and the spring training is right here,,,, but.....

I did a little calling around this morning, as I needed to cancel the appointment for the gas line installation that I had set up in Quartzsite for next Tuesday.  At the time, I had no idea how the LP system was plumbed in the rig, but with a little study, I now know where most of the pipes are.

Finding the big manifold behind the false panel in the cupboard was the big breakthru.

Second, our direct tv receiver has fried.  It won't even come on.  So I had to spend time on the cell phone convincing the nice customer service lady that we needed a new receiver.  She will send it to me, but that means we will have to have an address!

We are scheduled to leave here next Monday morning, and our tires are itchy as heck to get on the road to somewhere else.  So I had them ship it to our home, for now.   Once we get a little settled where we are going, I will have my son send it on.  In the meantime we are stuck with the antenna only for TV.

Now where are we going from here?  Since Lake Havasu has camper on every available site, we have decided to move on over into California.  With some phone time, we were able to make a reservation over in the CG that Rick and Paulette are in at Desert Hot Springs.  We didn't even ask them if they wanted us to come, for fear that the answer might be negative!!! LOL.  We look forward to meeting R & P as it is always fun to put faces on the folks in the blogs we keep track of.

We only have a week reserved, as it is somewhat expensive, and we may want to move along after that.  We plan to drive over to Quartzsite on Monday, as we will have to go thru I 10 in Phoenix during the Monday morning drive.  I'm sure we will not get out of here before 9 or 10, so most of the morning traffic will be at work.  I hope.

So as of today, we are on our last week here.  For now anyway.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, we're looking forward to your arrival here in Cawlifornya!! Lot's of room and the weather looks pretty good for next week!!

  2. OH NO... Too bad about your receiver gong bad. Sounds like a great idea hooking up with Rick & Paulette. Meeting our bloggin friends is always good!!! Have fun & travel safe...


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