Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headed South!

The poor little red motor scooter had to duck his head and park himself in his utility trailer.  That was right after the nasty old wind came up and ended Rick and my afternoon fat chewing session.  They needed to head for the dog park to relieve the puppies built up energy anyway. As we always say it is not goodbye, but so long for now.

Rick had stopped by in the morning, as he was headed out to go up town for a haircut.  I asked where he got that done, and he indicated a shop on the main highway.  As he left, I hoped on the bike and followed him up town.

I'm not sure he understood that I was in need of a trim, but didn't know how or where I was going to get it.  But since he was in the lead, I was suddenly in the chair next to him.  He kind of laughed that one off,  as we headed out to our vehicles and respective schedules.

I came back here and began gathering stuff to get the trailer packed, but the laptop got in the way as I caught up on blogs. 

Whenever I need to put away the bike, I feel compelled to go out and ride a while first.  The day was beginning to be windy, but I headed up to the burger joint and had a quick lunch.  After the lunch, it was out and about to the West of DHS.  The wind was causing a regular dust storm and the windmill generators were all but lost in the dirty haze.

As I came home, I went over to Rick's to say good bye, since we are leaving tomorrow.  We hung out for a while as the wind seemed to subside momentarily.  Its been great staying here at a park, where a friend is only a couple of rows over.

Tonight as we went into Palm Springs on a Wal Mart run, the wind was blowing the sand out of the desert, across the road in the darkness.  It looked just like a snow storm, but the dust comes into the car, and chokes you.  This area has some draw backs, but the normal weather is awesome. 

We are headed back down the road toward Temecula, but going beyond to Santee.  We have always liked the San Diego area, in our past visits.  We anticipate this visit will be just as rewarding.

Reviews say that the Verizon coverage at the Lakes CG is poor to non existent.  The camp has Wifi, and it is reported as good, so I will hope to get connected in some fashion.  If I am completely gone, I can make small posts from the cell phone.

So it is off into the great unknown for us as RVer's.

Retired Rod


  1. Wished you guys would have kept those dam winds on your side of the mountain. It's blowing so hard here right now I just saw the whole town of Borrego Springs rolled up & blowing across the desert floor like a big old tumbleweed!!

  2. Safe travels, Rod and Loyce. Paulette and I really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to our next get-together.


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