Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toyota Recall

As most of you know, we purchased a 09 Camry last February when we had a roll over accident here in Arizona.  And I’m sure that everyone on the entire earth has been advised how awful the Toyota products are by the news media.

Not that they tend to sensationalize these things, I’m sure that it is very alarming to have your throttle pedal become stuck, and not be able to slow down.  Shift to neutral and kill the ignition switch.  But don’t lock the steering!

So this afternoon, we drove to our Toyota dealer here in Chandler, and asked what the official line was on our car.

It seems that there are two different gas pedals on the various cars.  One made in Japan, and one made in the USA.  The problem is with the one made in the USA.  Doesn’t that just seem about right?

So I hopped out of the car, and the service writer crawled in under the dash and declared, you have the one made in Japan.  To be sure, he took the VIN number, and entered it into the computer, checking for recalls. 

We had a letter before all this trouble, requesting that we have the pedal corrected for the floor mat interference. That is the only recall on our vehicle.  Otherwise we are good to go.  Whew!

I had not gone to get the pedal adjusted, as what they do is to cut off about 2 inches of the pedal on the bottom.  That way they are for sure that the pedal will not contact the floor mat.  That’s what I want to have happen, lets deface the car in the name of safety.

We have the hard rubber floor mats and they are anchored at the back.  There is no way for them to become entangled with the gas pedal, unless they somehow get loose and slide way sideways and raise off the floor several inches. 

For now, I am having trouble perceiving a problem with our car!  This is just my opinion, your mileage may vary, go find out which pedal is in your car.  They can look it up with just your VIN number!

Retired Rod



  2. Gee, what ever happened to the good old gas feed on the steering column. No floor mat sticking there said Henry Ford:))

  3. People just tend to panic and not check things out.... Glad yours is ok! Have fun & travel safe!!!

  4. I think there is a bit of "gotcha" stuff going on with the Toyota pedal thing. Toyota has built such great vehicles, and has been so successful, that it's now time for some piling on. Toyota's are still great cars and are extremely reliable.

  5. I guess experience counts. I too would click the ignition back one click to turn the motor off but leave the steering available (no power steering, but steering nonetheless), Of course you would be in neutral too. Also, there is an 'EMERGENCY' brake on every car.... Heck, if it came down to it, I would slam the thing into park!


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