Thursday, February 4, 2010

LP Fittings

We were supposed to have rain!  It was overcast as the sun came up this morning, and it looked as though it could rain any minute.  But the rain never came.  I checked the radar from NOAA, and the storm was South of us.  Tucson seemed to be getting the weather, but most of it was over in New Mexico. 

As I write this it is over the pan handle of Texas, and reaching up towards Kansas City.  It will make a bunch of pain for them again.  They have had a terrible winter, and we are fortunate to be here in Arizona. 

By noon, I went out and uncovered the motor scooter, and went to Home Depot.  I was looking for the fittings I would need to hook up our new heater.  I found one that would go into the bottom but they did not have the valve that shuts off the gas.  Since that is the central part that you build around, I struck out.

I came back home, as it still looked as though it would rain at any moment.  Loyce had taken the car to Wal Mart, so I waited for her to return.  I wanted to take the car, and go to a Lowe's that is over in Apache Junction. 

When I got to Lowe's they had a good selection of the parts necessary to connect the heater.  I was able to build a working set of fittings quickly.  Then it was over to the RV parts place that I was at yesterday to get another rubber hose with the flair fittings on each end. I had a plan!

Tonight, I installed the fitting into the bottom of the heater, but got busy watching the TV, and didn't feel like crawling on the floor under the cabinets to install the whole bit.  Maybe tomorrow.  After all we are retired.

Now its late at night again, and the days are slipping away on our winter stay here in Mesa.

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod,
    I wouldn't mind seeing some photos of your heater installation as it progresses. I'm thinking about getting one.

    Thanks, Terry

  2. I am with Martha... Let’s see some photos!!! It is raining like crazy here in Waco BUT at least we're not in snow anymore... Have fun & travel safe!


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