Monday, February 15, 2010

Packing and Planning

As I sit here tonight, I am thinking about tomorrows departure from Mesa Spirit.  After three months of being parked here, it feels like home.  But home for a motor home must change!  After all it has wheels, and doesn't like sitting around for such long times.

We enjoy the Mesa area a great deal, and need a place to park that is secure while we return to the Kansas area during Christmas.  This park has filled the bill nicely.  But we have now been here four months last year and three months this year.  We are all too familiar with the area.  So we must move on!

Still we feel attached to this community, and will return in the future but maybe not to this park.  Just changing the park we are staying in will refresh our experiences.  We will not make these decisions until much later in the summer.  You do need reservations in order to stay in these destination parks.

Today was a work day.  It started early and lasted all day.  Washing the entire MH with a brush on an expanding pole and a bucket of soapy water, lasted forever.  Riinsing with the hose removed the soap, but the water here in the valley is very hard and water spots our dark colored rig.

I couldn't chamois the entire rig, as my arms are way too tired.  Then my wife reminded me that we are going to dusty Quartzsite.  But we had several months of rain stained mud which is now removed.

After riding the motorscooter for a burger lunch, and about a half hour joy ride, I put it all in the utility trailer. Loyce has increased her tubs of fabric from three to nine, and there is barely room for the scooter now.  She keeps acquiring stuff!

It will be up early and out of here in the morning, so I will wrap this up and see ya on the road.

Retired Rod

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