Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Move to Q

We were up before 8 AM, which is early for us in this laid back retired life.  And of course it was moving day, but we were as ready as you can be the night before.

After a shower and breakfast, I headed over to the office and paid the electric bill for the last month.  It was over $80 bucks.  Ouch.  We must have been casting fate to the wind with the heaters, but we were free to go once it was paid.

The neighbors came from everywhere, as we were pulling out.  I put the utility trailer in the street with the car, and then pulled out the MH.  This took some jockeying as the street is narrow.  A neighbor from last year happened by, Richard.  He was out walking, and stopped and guided me to keep from hitting the carport on the drivers side of the coach.  It was quite tight.

After hitching the utility trailer to the MH, we were off.  The usual see ya laters were issued with handshakes and hugs, and we were on the road by 10 AM.  Not too bad for not moving in three months.

The drive thru Phoenix on Monday morning had the usual number of crazies, but we drove slowly.  After an hour, we were on the West side of town, and the traffic began to thin out.  Now remember I 10 to Los Angeles is never going to be light.

After some lunch in a rest area, and some fuel 25 miles before Quartzsite, we arrived.  We are camped at the Holiday Palms RV Park.  This is the park that Howard and Linda used last fall when they were waiting brake parts for their broken 5th wheel.  It is quite fine, but a bunch dusty as is everything in Q.

We buzzed over to RV Lifestyles after we were set up, and they had the legs for our Kozy World LP heater.  She said she had just received them late last week, and she saved a set for us with a note attached and on her will call shelf.  I love it when dealers are really efficient like that.

Late in the afternoon, we drove around the sights here in Q, and out South of town to look at the BLM camps.  There are still a number of folks in the desert, but not nearly as many as the last week in January.

As the sun was descending, we were looking for the grave of Hi Jolly the camel tender from the Civil War era.  I had seen pictures on the blogs, but no one gave a location for the grave and monument.  We found it  across the street from the Pilot truck stop on the West end of  Main street.  It is a block North of Main on a side street behind all the rock shops and street vendors.

Hi Jolly is really a man named Hadji  Ali, but the Arizona country folks couldn't say that, so they renamed him Hi Jolly, his story is here.

Quartzsite is truly a unique place.

Tomorrow we head out again for California.

Retired Rod

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