Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Palm Springs!

I think California is a lot warmer than we were in Arizona!!!!!


This is an actual picture of the window thermometer on our MH door.  It really did read very warm!!  But of course it was mostly in the sun.  But still the sun was hot, and we were using both air conditioners during the afternoon.

We have found summer, during the day here in Palm Springs.  The camp ground is in Desert Hot Springs, and for those of you that read Rick and Paulette's blog, they are here too in the next row over.  We went by mid afternoon, but their truck was gone.

Well lets start back in Quartzsite, as I woke up about 6:30.  Seems like I always want to get up early on these travel days.  I did wait until it was light to go outside and wander around.  Up to the office area to use the facility.  But then I realized that I didn't know the code for the door lock.  I remember them telling us, but had not committed it to memory.

Some nice folks happened by, and could see my emergency and told me the code.  Whew!    After the morning walk, I was back at the coach, and had breakfast.  We were packed and ready, but had to hitch the utility trailer.

Backing the MH up to the trailer blind, except for the camera is a challenge.  Loyce is learning how to guide me, with hand motions since you can't hear anything over the diesel. We got it done after a few tries, and were still married!

Again we were on the road by 10 AM, but that was promptly 9 AM as we crossed the California line.  The morning was warm, and very sunny.  We drove right along, only stopping for a rest area break, and spent a while programming the GPS for our destination.  Changed a bunch of clocks while we were there too.

It was after 1 when we pulled in and began the registration process.  We had a spot, but they began to second guess if we could get onto it.  The golf cart fellow took us over for a looksee.  The lots here are arranged strangely.

The RV goes right in the middle of the space, with a narrow area on the door side, and a wider area beyond the driver side, to park your car or tow vehicle.  Since we have four slides, and a car and a utility trailer, they were worried we wouldn't get situated.  And it was a bit tight, and we are very narrow on the rig door side, but we are shoe horned in here.

Since there are hedges on each side of the lot, it is quite private.  The awning reached out over the top of the hedge, making almost a room out of the sitting area.   The checkin lady live across the street, and she checked on us again to make sure we were getting along alright.

I unloaded the bike, and rode around the park a little, but it is not nearly as big as the Mesa park, so that didn't take too long.

This afternoon, we went out exploring with the car, as we think it is over ten years since we were here last.  We did find the hotel we stayed at, and also the local Wal Mart!  Once you find the wally world, all else is just routine, LOL.

While we were out this afternoon, we had a high temperature on the car dash of 82 degrees.  We had to run the A/C in the car too.  If that keeps up, it won't be too hard to stay here!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Life's tough, isn't it! Glad you're getting such good weather!

  2. Welcome to Palm Springs - this weather sure is nice, isn't' it? Sorry we missed you guys yesterday - we may have been out getting a few groceries. We'll catch up with you today somewhere though!! Paulette is off to the Wednesday Quilting thing at the North Hall at 8am this morning(its early this week). She said to make sure to ask Loyce to come up if she would like to meet all of the quilters and have a chat!

  3. Hey, don't forget about that big new quilt store at the top of the tramway....lotsa big bargoooons:))


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