Sunday, February 21, 2010

We drive to 29 Palms

The unsettled weather continues!  We found the morning to be nicer and sunny, but you could see the clouds on the other side of the mountain.  It looked as though it was snowing up there, but almost 70 down here. 

We decided that we were heading up into the high country to the North of the Coachella valley.  We drove to the 29 Palms Highway, and headed out.  First we climbed into the mountains, and then ended up at Yucca Valley.

We had a list of places that would sell quilting supplies.  Addresses were somewhat hard to find, but we managed to find two places that were open.  Several were closed or gone out of business.  The day was about 52 degrees up in the mountain, but it was mostly sunny.  Best of all the wind was on the other side of the mountain.

We headed on to 29 Palms, but found a farmers market in Joshua Tree.  We did a double back and parked.  This place actually did have produce for sale.  Tomatoes, Potatoes, and big flats of Strawberries, which I bought a bunch of. 

As it turned out, Loyce had bought some too.  So we had a lot of strawberries.  But we were eating them like it would go out of style, so that was OK.

We stopped in 29 Palms, and went to the local McDonalds.  Seems as though many off duty marines had the exact same idea, as the place was full of short haircut young men.   We marveled at the number of barbers up and down the main street.  They all advertised, Marine Haircuts on the front of their stores.  I suggested that I would stop and get one.  That idea didn't fly!

I was in the Navy, as an enlisted man, and joined the Sea Bees as an electrician.  In that process, I trained at camp Pendleton in the San Clemente area.  Once in the military, always in the military, so the marine base seemed right at home.  We did not attempt to go aboard the station, as we had no real business there, and in this time of hostilities, sightseeing doesn't seem like a good thing to do.

We drove on into Joshua Tree National Park, and flashed our Senior Pass instead of paying the $15 per car to get in.  Man that is nice!

I have pictures and will have to get them out of the camera and post them after I can edit them.

We came back to the MH and settled in to work on the replacement Direct TV box that our son Ben had sent from KC.  By the time I got it somewhat working, it was too late to register it for service, so that project will have to continue into tomorrow.

When we got back to the RV Park, we came back to the windy side of the valley, and the gusty conditions continue tonight, just like last night.  The slide awnings are a flappin and a floppin!  I thought it would let up some by dark, but not so far, and it is after midnight.

Retired Rod


  1. There has been a lot of that 'awning flapping & flopping' going on here in southern California these past few days. Sometimes the flop gets mixed up with the flap & causes quite a floop.

  2. Hi Rod, I managed to spend some time in that area back when I was flying. Very nice up in the mountains!
    We are thinking about Arizona for next winter and value your input. Gold Canyon RV Resort is high on the list. Any thoughts? What about Mesa Spirit? Had not heard of that before.
    Look forward to seeing you on the road one of these days.
    Take care,
    Ed & Marilyn


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