Friday, February 26, 2010

Off to San Diego

Santee Lakes camp site.



We were up early for us.  That would be just after 7 AM, which would be 9 back in Kansas.  Boy are we going to have an adjustment to make when we head back.  We had only been in the Palm Springs area for 9 days so we didn’t have such an adjustment to make to get packed back out and on the road.

I had stowed everything into the trailer yesterday, so only the hoses and cord were outside chores.  I folded the slides and raised the jackes and we were off.  Loyce had all the pink stuff stowed, as I was dragging the trailer out in the street with the car.

It was about 9:30 as I began to back up the MH to hitch up the utility trailer.  This usually attracts a crowd, and today was no different.  Our neighbor from across the street came out and assisted in backing me under the hitch.  Loyce is getting much better directing me, but usually relinquishes when a male neighbor arrives.

We were on the road before 10. We rolled along easy, as the traffic was about moderate.  As we rolled into the Riverside area, it became heavy, but still moved right along. 

What I find troubling, is when the cars in front of me will not allow me to keep enough empty stopping distance between me and the cars in front of me.  I will slow to allow for the correct following distance, but the cars zoom into the 10 car length free space, and then slow up.  They can see now, so they are in charge.  Never mind that I am right on their bumper and cannot stop in nearly as short of distance as them.

Somewhere South of Temecula and Escondido, this following distance became non existent.  That stresses the remaining nerves.  About then the road construction began with the concrete lane barriers.  I was glad to turn off of I 15.  It was smooth sailing into Santee.

Those of you that read Jim and Ellie’s Justraveling, will recognize the Santee Lakes CG as the place they stayed for over two months this winter.  I would have had no idea to stay here without their blog.  It is handy to all of the San Diego area without being into the city. The park is a lake setting with fishing and picnicking.  The campground is clean and our site is quite large with a table and a roof over it. 

We have a week to explore, so we will report on what we learn as time passes.

Retired Rod

P.S.  Those things on the trees are called Leaves, incase you might have forgotten up in the frozen Northland!

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