Saturday, February 27, 2010

San Diego Bay


Hey here comes one of the Nimitz class carriers!  How many times would you have to be here to see this?




Hard to get it all at once.  Over 1,000 feet.


CVN 72 USS Abraham Lincoln


Over 3,000 sailors on board.




Out to the State Beach campground South of the Hotel Coronado.


The storm is coming, the haze is really bad.


Looking Southwest into the haze.DSCN1235

Ten bucks  to park out here on the beach.

Its been a long time since we were out here last, but we still know our way around.

Retired Rod


  1. That has to give you a warm feeling when you see it go by in person.Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm very familiar with the carrier Abraham Lincoln as it visits Victoria, BC often and unloads 5,000 American sailors in our quiet little city. I've taken many pictures of this carrier similar to yours so it was great seeing it again. It sure is an impressive sight to see!

  3. We wre crossing the Chesapeake Bay bridge -tunnel with our 5th wheel when one of those came into Norfolk, what a traffic stopper, having flown from several carriers I can tell you when your approaching one from the air on a stormy dark night they look like a speck in the middle of the ocean. Nice Pictures,Enjoy your travels, Sam &Donna

  4. While I wouldn't get into any kind or size boat or raft, I just love watching the big ships. Nice pictures, Rod.


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