Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Computer and Propane Research

Tonight I wonder how the day got away, without me doing anything constructive.  I guess most of the morning was spent on this new windows 7 computer.  I have been using the old computer as much as I ever did, since I didn't really like the Windows 7 stuff all that well.

But recently I have been forcing myself to learn, and get used to the newer system.  My power cord on the old computer is intermittent and if I don't have the battery in, will cause it to reboot at a random interval.  This causes the loss of all the stuff you were working on since the last save.  Kind of makes a blog hard to write, when it reboots in the middle.  Or several times in the middle.

So I only took the new computer with us on our Lake Havasu City trip.  I have to get switched over.  Today I was working on "Live Mail"  the new freebie mail program.   I had it set up, but couldn't find the screen where you checked the box to leave mail on the server.  Today I stayed at it until it somehow came into view.  I'm not sure I could go find it again, but anyway it is checked so the stuff stays on the server in order for the blackberry to get a copy too.

That is a mixed bag, as I have to go manually delete stuff when I get close to the 100 meg limit of my server space.  I still have the issue of transferring more stuff, but perhaps I can get that done in the next few days.

It was overcast this morning, and we were told we were to have rain, but late morning, it broke and the sun came thru.   Suddenly the temperatures zoomed over 70 to 73.  Wow it was really nice!

So the computer was put away, and the motor bike came out from under his new cover.  I rode all the way to old Apache Junction, where there is a RV parts store.  I was looking at LP gas connectors and hoses.  I am studying the availability of fittings and hoses to see if I should consider installing the new heater myself.

I saw how the Quartzsite folks do it, but wonder if I shouldn't improve on the design a little.  I rode to the Jayco dealer that I bought parts from for our awning last year.  They tried to get Jayco to warranty the broken stuff last year, but failed.

The Jayco dealer had some really good ideas, but I still have questions that need to be resolved.  I will have to look inside the cupboards here at the coach to learn more.  It was quite warm inside when I got back, so I didn't start in disassembling the kitchen.

Loyce wanted to make Lynda Payne's Spaghetti Amour, tonight, which has a bunch of prep time, and she really meant I should do it, so the LP project was tabled.

We are again forecast to have rain before morning, but it is possible that it will pass to our South into New Mexico and Texas.  Tucson will get it for sure, but we may only receive sprinkles.  That's fine with me.  There's another storm up in Northern California that should be here by the weekend.  Wow, is this still the desert?

Retired Rod

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  1. Yep, I know how your feeling about the Win 7 switch over. I'm sure it's fine but it's so much easier to go back & use what you are most familiar with. I'll have to force myself to spend more time & patience with Win 7 as well.


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