Friday, February 5, 2010

LP Heater

This is a Kozy World KWP 122, 10k btu propane heater

It is not vented, and puts out some CO, but not enough to cause any trouble.  It is a radiant type of heater, as the gas fires a pair of cataliytic bricks in the center as they glow red.  It has a thermostat on top, with a temperature probe in the back near the floor.  It does not use any electricity to run.

Loyce is not completely on board with this purchase, because she thinks I only want to use it so we can Wally Dock.  You know stay at a Wal Mart, or some other unapproved camp spot.  She really likes the electric grid.

Notice the nice PVC feet that are under the heater, as the dealer in Quartzsite was out of the factory built ones.   I had to spend a dollar and a half for the pipe, and a buck on the screws to attach it.  Hopefully we will stop back at the RV Lifestyles dealer when we go thru Quartzsite on our way out of here and by then they will have the  correct feet.  I could hope anyway.

Back in the corner is a cupboard, where the kitchen slide pipes and wires come into the slide unit.  I removed the false panel, and right there was the LP manifold where all the propane lines were connected to the main.  I simply teed into this supply, and the hose comes out of the cupboard.  When we are not using the heater, I will disconnect the hose and toss the rest into the cupboard like it didn’t exist.

I used two three foot flair hoses, and put a valve in the middle of the hoses.  By closing the valve, you can shut off the propane, and take the hose off beyond the valve.  I thought about the quick disconnect, air chuck style connection, but the RV dealer here in Mesa, said that they had trouble with them in the past, and he wasn’t sure that using them inside was what he would do.  So if I do use one, it would be for convenience only, leaving the gas valve stop in place as well for a more permanent shut off.  For now, it takes a small crescent wrench to loosen the flair nut and break the hose.

I wanted to be able to remove the gas pipe from view, for times when the grandkids are here.  I have visions of the kids turning on the gas if the valve was out in the room.  I will go buy a flair cap to seal off the hose, in one of my next trips to the store.

I’m not sure how often we will use this heat source, but at least it is available, in the event we really do need to wally dock as a last resort. 

By the way, I owe this idea to Laurie and Odel’s, Semi True Tales of our Life on the Road.  They purchased this item for their MH back in the fall, and have been using it successfully for most of the winter.  Click on the link for their blog where they bought and installed the unit. There are several comments, including some questions that I wrote.  Again, your mileage may vary.

Without the flash, you can see the glow of the catalytic bricks, and the hose going back into the cupboard.


Retired Rod

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  1. 10,000 BTUs !! I bet you are cozy.
    That is about the output of TWO 110v. electric heaters.
    Great improvisation on the feet.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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