Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swap Meet and the Radio/Quiltz stores.

The day was beautiful.  We were warm enough to loose the jacket, and bask in the afternoon sun.  It has been a while since we were able to do that.

We joined Larry and Jean, our friends from Iowa, and headed out to the Mesa Market Place, swap meet.  Again the isles seem to go on forever, and my back is never up to the task, but I hung in there all morning.  We sorted thru all the guy stuff, while the gals went off on their own.

My only purchase was a lone pair of leather gloves.  The really thin kind, that you can work in without taking them off because they are in the way.  At $4, this is a bargain, as most of the time they are $10.  They are probably seconds, but I never found anything really too wrong with them.

We spent a bunch of time at the tool places, and the gals had a bunch of packages from their shopping too.

Next it was time to have a footlong Subway sandwich and a drink, outside on the sunny patio furniture in front of the sandwich shop.  Again, in only a T shirt and jeans, the sun was warm and I felt as though I would get sunburned if I stayed too long.  Since our friends came from below zero F weather up in Iowa, I was especially happy that they had such nice weather.

From way out in the East Valley, we headed back into the far North side of Phoenix to a quilt store named "Quiltz."  We left the ladies there and raced off to the Ham Radio store back over on West 43rd street.  This was about 10 miles each way, and we needed to move right along, since it was a long drive.

It was over an hour and a half, before we got back to the quilt shop, but we had stopped for gas as well as our purchases at the radio store.  It was quite a commute back to Mesa, but we were rewarded with Dairy Queen when we arrived back home.

As the sun set, we were installing some of the purchases at the radio store in Larry's car.  Along with a few small parts from the storage bins in the coach, and some testing with the antenna analyzer, I think the radios were working like new when we got done.

Tomorrow will be another day!  So many things to do and so little time.

Retired Rod

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