Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Temecula with Rick and Paulette

Today we were the guests of a very special couple, Rick and Paulette.  They had invited us to go to Temecula, California.  In the center of town, an area is preserved as an Old Town area.  This area is complete with wood sidewalks, but has concrete curb and gutter.  The stores are a mixture of old world and new products.

We met at the appointed time and departed in Rick's Chevy Pickup.  Even though we had only met a few days before, we felt right at home as we have read each others blogs for most of the year.  Our conversation was that of old friends, even distracting Rick at one point, causing us to miss our turn and head North instead of South.

After firing up Rick's trusty LG GPS, they call Gidget the Gadget, she watched over us as we traveled the rest of the way.  Arriving mid morning, we agreed to leave the gals at their favorite quilt shop, Quilter's Coop.  The place was huge!  I teased that they had to turn in their credit cards, but that went no where, LOL.

Rick and I graciously declined to attend the shop, and went back to the North end of the Main street.  We parked and walked almost the entire length of Old Town.  Not many of the shops are designed for guys, imagine that!  But we spied a starbucks back at the end where the truck was parked and bought two tall coffees.

Here Rick is contemplating where us guys might go hang out.

The time passed quickly, and we were back after the gals, picking them up from a second shop they had walked to.  They were hungry after all that exhausting shopping!

A trip to Mad Madeline's burgers was in order, as they advertised as a First Placed Winner in California's Great Hamburger Hunt.  And it was good too.  I'm not sure it beats Fuddrucker's freshly ground, freshly baked bun and sweet potato fries, but hey, a close second.

The rest of the day seemed to pass quickly, as we went to another quilt shop in Hemet, on the way back.  Rick and I were talking old computers, and really had some common background in the old IBM days that are only memories now.  And just like that it was over.

But a hearty "Thank You" is in order, as we met one of the nicest couples ever on the road, and were amazed at how well our interests and experiences meshed with theirs.

That is what is special about the RV experience.  We can argue over boondocking versus $50 RV resorts, and discuss solar panels versus gen sets, but what it really boils down to, is the wonderful folks we have the opportunity to meet and befriend along the way!

Retired Rod


  1. Rod you are so right, We haven't started full timing yet, but in all our years of RVing we have never made a stop where we didn't meet at least one couple or family that we hit it off with right from the gate. The world is full of great people and they seem to make RVing what it is, and also we have run into some real characters,who made you laugh with some of their antics what a great mix. I look forward to meeting some of the bloggers we follow like you did with Rick & Paulette, that is what this life is all about, See Ya. Sam & Donna

  2. We have always found fellow RV folks to be fine people. We may not care much for large groups, ralliies, or RV Parks, but the individual people we have met along the trail have all been fine people.....bar none.

  3. Hey, I saw a quilt shop here in Kanata the other day. Haven't gone in to see it yet though!


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