Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swap Meet and a day reading

We went to the Mesa Market Place swap meet again yesterday (Friday) and Loyce had plans.  She wanted to see a little doggie guy that she met last time she was here.  She had forgotten what mix of dog he was.  Hmmm?

I'm really not sure she can go without a pet for too long.  So I guess time will be the judge of that one.

So I walked around the long corridors down aisle B and back aisle C.  I think it is over a mile for one complete loop.  Of course you are shopping from booth to booth, so you are not really thinking about the distance. 

The place was swamped with folks, and you had bodies in your way any direction you turned.  The little old gals with their monster purses over their shoulder will kill you in one turn of their body.  Smack!

When I got back to the car, I was done.  I sat patiently and waited until Loyce came back to the car.  Or tried to, since she was having trouble finding it.  A monster pickup had parked in the stall next to us at an angle, and you could not see our car at all.

Today, it was supposed to rain, and the day started partly cloudy, but as the afternoon progressed, the overcast covered us.  It did rain about two minutes of sprinkles, and that was it.  Enough to spot the car all up, but not rinse it off.  LoL

I spent the afternoon reading the Sam Walton story from a hard bound edition borrowed from our CG library.  Oh and that caused a nap for a while.   Loyce had gone to Wal Mart, while I was reading about how it began. LoL

Tonight, we headed over to Fuddrucker's for the really big burger, but again Loyce had salad.  Not having much lunch,  I think that will make up for the burger.  I hope!

Tomorrow is the super bowl and Loyce said  Wal Mart was really picked over with the shelves mostly empty.  Must be some really big parties planned here in Arizona!

Retired Rod


  1. The large swap meet here in Tucson was not as crowded as I expected. With the gem show(s) in town I expected a lot more people. Sounds like some may have gone up to Mesa to join yours!

  2. HAven't been to a swap meet or flea market forever and this one sounded pretty good... Have a great Sunday and enjoy the game!!! Travel safe.

  3. Hey Rod, it's Sunday.....anything worthwhile on television today:))

  4. I didn't go to a swap meet yesterday, but it was a reading kind of day here, too. Should be a good game this afternoon - at least I hope so.


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