Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday is like New Years Day

Yes it is like New Years Day.  Because I don't get much done except sit here and watch the idiot box.  But today, I went over to Lowe's and bought a couple of LP parts, to change my heater connection a bit, and I read my book waiting for the big game.

By midnight last night, the  rain that was over in California arrived.  And it really rained most of the night.  We have the hard fiberglass roof on the MH, and I think it is more noisy than the rubber kind we had on the travel trailer.

So the rain sounded like a downpour, but in reality it was barely a quarter of in inch.  Things were cool and fresh this morning with big billowy clouds that came from the North.  So I took the car over to Lowe's.

I moved the gas valve back into the cupboard, rather than being out in the middle of the gas hose.  That took a couple of gender changers ( a computer term) to accomplish but it is better to disconnect the hose when we travel.  So that was on the agenda before the game.

I then became involved with my book on Sam Walton, and just like that it was time for the game.

I thought for sure that Peyton Manning was way more than the Saints could ever handle.  So what do I know?  Perhaps the Saints just wanted it way more than the Colts, who have had so much luck with being better than their opposition.  The trick on side kick to start the second half was another moral builder.

But my teams lost way back several weeks ago, so the outcome didn't mater as much to me.  I fell asleep during the WHO half time.  The light show that went with the performance was good!

Loyce gets mad when I mute the commercials, as she likes to see the new twist that the super bowl  puts on all the adds.  Within the week, we will have seen them all a thousand times.

A slow day for sure.

Retired Rod


  1. It was a great game and I think that onside kick sort of demoralized the Colts a bit. The Saints sure had a lot more energy in the game that's for sure. Now, what do we do on Sundays??

  2. The game was good and I agree the Saints wanted it a lot more then the Colts... Have a super day & travel safe!


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