Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some pictures from Havasu

Parker Dam


Its really narrow here where the dam is, but opens up just up stream.  As you go over a bridge, you get to look way up stream.


London Bridge

It doesn’t go right straight across, the railing and the deck seem to have dips over the weaker parts, this thing is really old.  But yet it seems new in a strange way too.


I took this because of the ornate light fixtures, but now the sign jumps out at me,  don’t be jumping off the bridge now yah hear!


The spindles and marble top vary from stained to clean.  I wonder if they cleaned some and not others, or have they aged in the Arizona sun differently.


These poured pieces seemed like they were new. 


Some blocks seem newer and others seem aged.  Perhaps, since the blocks are not where they were originally, the weathering is now random.


This is the classic photo showing the bridge as it spans the narrow part of the island channel.


There is a boat marina that has many crafts for rent, right along the shore.  It was a cool morning, and business seemed quite slow.


I’m not sure what we gained by going to Havasu City, but a nice trip away from the RV Park.  The nice RV Park, Havasu Falls, was completely filled, with a large No Vacancy sign right in front of the office.  The place is concrete drives under the RV’s with gravel driveways.  This is different from here, where the RV’s set on the gravel and the concrete is the patio and driveway.

I stopped and talked to a fellow that said he had to wait for several days to get a spot.  It seemed to us that RVing at the lake was fairly filled up for the next month, so we gave up and went to the local quilt shop.

Of course, Loyce had the quilt shop all noted in her note book, so all I had to do was look on the internet for the Google location.   Not too hard, as it was right along the main highway on a frontage road.  I waited in the car.

We drove the California side of the river from the dam South to the next bridge at Parker.  There are numerous RV parks, and a State Park.  There were vacancies, but mostly in the areas where you couldn’t see the river.  We are soooo spoiled by our lake home in Lake Ozark, that we were under impressed.  I guess I had it built up to be more in my mind than it turned out to be.

Al of the Bayfield Bunch reminds us to not look at things with our Midwest values, and see the Southwest with our desert minds, but it is really hard after spending so much time in the woods of Missouri.

We headed South back to Quartzsite, arriving about 2:30.  I went right across main street and down to the Tyson Wells swap meet road.  From there we went West to Love’s gas station corner, and then beyond to RV Lifestyles.

This is a full service RV Dealership, and one of the places that helped Howard and Lynda Payne, as they were dealing with their brakes locking up last fall.  Also, Laurie and Odel King had stopped and bought a LP gas heater here.  Laurie has raved about it since.

So that was what I was after.  They were down to the last 8 or so heaters, even though they had them spread out wide on the shelf to look like they had more.  They were completely out of stand feet, but hope to have more in the future.

So I bought a heater, and a hose, and made an appointment to get it installed when we head over that way after our time runs out here in Mesa.  I teased Loyce that we could stay in the boondock area right South of that intersection, but she will never allow that, as she likes to have all the TV’s and lights on all at once.  She’s an on the grid type of gal.

We are back in Mesa tonight, and it is to begin raining for most of the rest of the week. 

Retired Rod


  1. Nice pics of the London Bridge! It still seems a strange sight to me out in the desert!

  2. Great to see London Bridge again. I used to drive across it when I worked in London.
    Thanks. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. These pictures looking amazing thanks for sharing us, I really enjoyed after reading your story.


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